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 Assignment Details

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PostSubject: Assignment Details   Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:14 am

Purpose: To reflect/ponder over the Quran and to develop appreciation for the words of Allah

Introduction: The Quran is miraculous in nature. But how much of the Quran is miraculous? It is Quran in entirety? A Surah in entirety? or can it be just an Ayāh? The strongest opinion is that even a part of an Ayāh, as long as it can be identified as Quran, can be miraculous ("Introduction to the Sciences of the Quran" Page: 288)! So any verse, any combination of verses, any combination of Surahs, even part of a verse, can make a miracle! The Quran has 6,236 Ayāt, which makes the possibilities endless! 

Allah asked us to reflect upon the Quran in several places in the Quran. 

[This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded. (Surah Sād 38:29) 

But most of the time, we just "read" the Quran without giving it much thought. Its time now to build a habit of reflecting on what you recite/read. Inshallah with about 15 people in the class sharing their personal reflections on the Quran, we will learn to appreciate the Quran better. 

Assignment: You must come develop a 4-6 minute Khatirah (talk about your thoughts) on YOUR reflections on the Quran. Your talk can include your reflections on a Surah, an Ayāh, a group of Aayāt, or the cohesiveness of the Quran. It must have to do something with the linguistic miracle fo the Quran. The possibilities are endless as I mentioned in the introduction. 

1. No cheating. It is YOUR OWN reflection on the Quran. Not Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan or someone else's. 
2. It must be a linguistic/rhetoric point. Not a prophesy or scientific point mentioned in the Quran. 
3. The time 4-6 minute is not set in stone. If you can convey a profound point in less/more time, its ok. 
4. You MUST do it. I need to be fair to everyone. There are no exceptions.

How to: Simple! Read the Quran. But not just read, but think about what you are reading. If you dont find anything miraculous, read more! At least you will get 10 Hasanaat for each letter! Trust me, its EASY! There are TONS of miracles! For ideas, listen to Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan's Bayyinah podcasts/lectures. 

Due: In the last (third) Live class on July 20. The class happens to be on Ijaaz of the Quran. Ties in really well! We will dedicate a time for individual presentations. 

1. LOTS of Hasanaat! 10 for every letter recited! 
2. Development of a skill to ponder over the Quran
3. Strengten your relationship with the Quran

4. The best and most profound reflection will receive a special tangible prize from me! 

Read and reflect upon the Quran!
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment Details   Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:25 pm

If you dont mind, can you please post one small example of your own so I know what you are expecting from us. JazakAllah khayr.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment Details   Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:31 pm

I'm a bit confused, In-sha-Allah taal'a you can clarify it! 

If we have to do a linguistic miracle of the Qur'an, don't we have to have a good background in Arabic, like know the meaning of the words, their roots, grammatical rules, etc.?
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment Details   Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:28 am

Well, the main purpose of the assignment is, as stated, for you to reflect over the Quran. That being said, the linguistic beauty of the words of Allah can be reflected upon in many ways. Yes, knowledge of Arabic would make it really easy to come up with stuff, but for this assignment it is not a requirement. You may use any simple translation/tafseer for your reflections.

You can comment on points like:
-Style of address in the Quran (How Allah changes tone or addressing two different people: first few verses of Surah Abasa)
-How one Ayah connects to the next
-How ending/beginning of a surah connect with other
-How there is a logical flow from one surah to the next
-How the Names and Attributes of Allah mentioned in the end of an Ayah correspond to the main message of the Ayah (or the paragraph) (the example from Furqan 25:70 was mentioned in the class)
-How a word mentioned is expounded in the following verses (Example, Surah Nazi'at 79:24, Firaun claims Ruboobiyah, and in the following Ayaat, Allah establishes His Ruboobiyah.

Pretty much any aspect of the style of the Quran, which can be distinguished from ordinary speech.

May Allah make it easy for you!
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Assignment Details

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